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School of Finance and Banking

The School of Finance and Banking (SFB) is a public institution of higher learning that was established in June 2002. It’s a leading business School in Rwanda offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and Executive development training programmes in various business and management disciplines. The School is in a trajectory of becoming an internationally accredited Premier business school. Our curriculum is designed to respond to the professional requirements of institutional clients such as banks, public administration, private sector and insurance companies. The School offers the BBA programme with options in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

The SFB has partnered with renowned institutions to such as the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) that currently offers the Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with specializations in Project Management and Finance. The SFB has also entered into an agreement with the William Davidson Institute (WDI) based at the University of Michigan in the United States of America, whereby WDI would help to transform the SFB into a centre of academic excellence, and an internationally accredited business school that is recognized as a leader in the region.

The SFB’s vision is to be the premier internationally recognized and accredited African Business School

And the SFB’s mission is

  • To develop a learning community of high quality teachers, researchers, and students;
  • To provide educational and training opportunities that inspire and enable individuals to develop their academic, entrepreneurial, leadership and other capabilities to their full potential;
  • To steer knowledge, skills and life-long learning in business and management;
  • To equip students with advanced managerial and leadership skills with a view to increase capacity for national development;
  • To inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit in the student population.